What evidence would I need to provide with my claim?

What evidence would I need to provide with my claim?

Written by  Monica Wright
Last update:  Tuesday, Jun 06, 2017

Every claim must be supported with Proof of Loss and proof of purchase. The Proof of Loss will vary depending upon your peril.

- The original unused ticket(s) and registration and/or booking confirmation, showing the amount paid for the experience purchase.

Some of the Proof of Loss we have seen work in the past are listed below (these are just examples, as every case is handled on it's on unique merit):

- A doctor’s report if the reimbursement request is for an accident or illness or a death certificate where the reimbursement request is resulting from a death;

- An official notice from the transport service provider in the event of delay traveling to the booked journey;

- Proof of cancellation, mechanical breakdown or accident about the public transport network.

- For the breakdown of a private vehicle: a vehicle recovery service report, a copy of garage repair bill or parts receipt; or in the case of a motor accident, confirmation from the vehicle motor insurance provider, vehicle repair shop or the police.

- The original jury or witness summons requesting the attendance of a member of the traveling party.

- Confirmation of relevant road closures or warnings not to travel from the Police or relevant Government agency.

- Any reasonable additional evidence that the claims agent may ask for.


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